It was so much fun talking about India and also about confrontation - done the right way. Annemarie Cross From the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network did a great job and it was an absolute delight to be interviewed by her. If you would like to see it, you can do so here



India, or more importantly, the people of India are something that we are very passionate about. There is so much poverty over there, and while the tourism industry's slogan 'Incredible India' is true, there is also so much need in that nation. Later on this year i will be travelling to India to film a documentary showing both the good and the bad in India, as well as interviewing Dr.R.Abraham who is doing some incredible work over there building orphanages, schools, and teaching destitute woman how to sow so they can earn a living; this is only scratching the surface though, so the documentary will showcase what is really happening there, as well as provide information how you can be involved changing people's lives.


CONFRONTING the right way.jpg

One thing I have discovered over time is that if you want your business or organisation to go forward, it is sometimes necessary to confront certain ways of thinking or behaviours of your employees, teams, etc. We spoke about being secure. Yeah, being secure in yourself is absolutely essential before you can effectively confront someone. The other thing we talked about is valuing people. It is when we have people's best interests at heart, that we can confront in the right way. After all, if we value something, we will look after it!

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